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     Wife, at-home mother of four, and loving southern living in Charlotte, NC.  Art and nature were my first true loves. As a child I spent a lot of my free time drawing. Nature and animals were my favorite subjects, especially horses. 

      My formal education led me to psychology and education. My self education led me to art. As a busy mother with four children between 6 and 14 years, I needed the encouragement of my husband and the inspiration of other stay- at-home mother/artists to just do it! After 14 years of not picking up a brush, I have jumped right back in. 

       I paint with loose bold brush strokes combined with areas that I tighten up more.  I love geometric backgrounds.  The tension between order and natures' imperfection makes a beautiful contrast.  I use layers of color and intuition. Multiple layers of color creates texture and movement in my paintings. 

Every gift is meant to be shared. 
-Paula Metz DiSciullo