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Peter Bain

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One of the reasons I love oil painting is because the paint itself is a pleasure to work with...oil paint is thick and buttery, the colors deep and rich, and the scent of linseed oil hovers above my palette while I work. It is wonderful thing to mix a vibrant, glistening color note and smear it across a canvas. The finished, varnished painting glows within its frame, the paint looks as though it is still wet.

With each painting I try to capture a simple vision of beauty; the sunlight falling on the snow, clouds passing above a marsh, or an idle tractor in a field. Occasionally, I paint a still life by grabbing some pears or lemons and trying to capture a warm light reflecting across them. Lately, I am venturing more and more into plein air painting but I still create many of my paintings in my home studio.


Peter Bain now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two daughters.

Since he was a boy, Peter has has always enjoyed drawing and design in his free time. In 2011, he jumped into oil painting with both feet. His skills have greatly increased after several years of weekly classes and workshops with Gloucester artist Paul George. The artists of Cape Ann (Aldro Hibbard, Emile Gruppe, Anthony Thieme, etal.) are some of Peter's biggest influences