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Phil Couture

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‚ÄčPhil Couture is a realist painter currently residing in Kyoto, Japan. Born in Quebec, Canada, Phil's appreciation and interest in art developed early on as a child growing up in Lakeland, Florida. Exploring new cultures becomes a running theme in Phil's work. "I enjoy painting and drawing what piques my interest, which usually includes visiting cultures from around the world." Whether it's painting geisha from Japan, holy men from Nepal, or the rocky shores of Greece, Phil enjoys exploring the exotic and the interesting. Aside from winning numerous awards, his paintings and drawings hang internationally in private collections. Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on Phil Couture's artwork, stating, "Phil handles traditional and everyday life scenes with equal passion. This passion is reflected by the elegant manner in which he captures his subjects. The viewer can 'feel' a sense of pride and honor resonating from the individuals that Phil has painted." Sherwin added, "Phil Couture's drawings and paintings remind us of the beauty of diversity... and how fascinating it is to consider the world within a larger context."