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R. S. Perry

Artist’s Statement

Like the Late Romantics of the 19th century, my art idealizes nature and beauty. I see the world clearly but approach my art with feeling and imagination. I want my paintings to intellectually and emotionally engage viewers as I show reality from a perspective of peace and love.

My themes are light and color in the natural world . I value elegance of form and subtlety of expression. An abstract design of dark and light often organizes the placement of my subjects. Because I begin almost all of my paintings with a gold toned canvas, my paintings have an inner glow.

My flowers and landscapes are not photographic but represent my unique inner vision. My brush strokes are supple, delicate, and strong. I like to work in a series and have painted many different kinds of flowers in the last few years.  My paintings of the Gullah people of South Carolina have been featured in The Breeze, a magazine of the lowcountry on several occasions.

I also like to paint landscapes and old buildings using acrylics in layers, almost like oils, often with multiple glazes. I have painted many landscapes and old houses.

Some of my work can be seen on my website cronesinger.com. I have many weekly followers.