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Rebecca Ives


Inspired by the wealth of diversity in nature and our relationships to other living creatures, my work is characterized by an exploration of styles and substance intending to invite the viewer to share in simple observations of these relationships.


I have worked as a graphic designer, a small business owner in retail music for 20 yrs, and as a picture framer. I am now painting full time, mostly in oil, with the intention of growing technically and imaginatively while creating art that acknowledges the value of our interaction with nature.
As a graduate of the School of Art and Design, East Carolina University, I had the privilege to study under Paul Hartley, Tran Gordley, Ray Elmore, and Ed Reep among others. I continue to be actively engaged with other artists through my membership with Greenville Brushstrokes through which I enjoy numerous opportunities to show and sell my work at various locations in eastern NC.
My husband and I live in NC where we have constructed the Lucky Feral Cat Home. We support 90 rescued cats and 3 dogs through the sales of my art.