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Reveille Kennedy

I grew up in Pueblo, CO. a steel mill town. My dad was a fantastic visionary builder and my brother and I used all the leftovers in the garage to experiment with nails, wood, glass and paints. My Mom was a songwriter and poet. As you can see my future poetically describing with paints the things I feel about life and the joy it brings was in my "jeans". My series on "birds that build" began when I watched a male magpie put a nest together from the vantage point of my second story kitchen window. I watched him all the early spring poking twigs one by one into his specially built home. Next his mate came and together they lived in their nest and raised their little family, fighting off marauders bravely. From the first magpie painting , I created 5 other builder paintings with eggs, birds, and nests in trees and one with a rocking chair filled with eggs. I think my dad and mom would love them. Most of my paintings come from an experience that I had, especially with people or places. Some of my work is simply an idea I had and many works are filled portraits of those I love. My work has been described as lyrical, inspirational and impressionistic. Thanks for reading!