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Richard Huston

Living, painting and drawing daily from the Edge of Normaltown

The art is in the process, and the process is where the magic happens. I believe the finished work is an artifact, a translation, of time and place revealed in layers of color, line, and form. Often small, my work is intended to be an intimate experience examined and shared. A single flower discovered on a stroll through a garden or a walk in the woods; a figure as they go about their daily routine; a friend in a quiet moment; a still life rendered; these are the subjects I delight in and celebrate. 

Richard was born November 24, in Athens, Georgia and grew up in the section of the city called Normal Town. He attended the local public schools and in the second grade made the decision that he wanted to become an artist. From that time on it became his goal. While in high school Richard attended the Georgia State Governor' s Honors Program in Art.
After high school, Richard attended the University of Georgia starting out as a Drawing and Painting major he switched to the Theatre Department where he studied Scenic Design and Scenic Art in his sophomore year. Upon graduating with a BFA from Georgia, Richard attended the University of Missouri Kansas City where he continued his studies as a Graduate Teaching Assistant while working for the Missouri Repertory Theatre. After finishing at UMKC, Richard moved to Los Angeles where he freelanced as a set designer and scenic artist in the entertainment industry for the next 15 years.
In Los Angeles Richard worked on such diverse projects as the films My Best Friend is a Vampire, and Fullmoon in Bluewater to the made for television film The Women of Brewster Place as the set designer and scenic artist; as well as, amusement park rides such as MGM Grand's Deep Earth, the Buffalo Bill's Casino and Hotel and the Mall of the Americas while working for Lexington Scenery and Props as a scenic artist and lead scenic artist.
Leaving Los Angeles, Richard returned to Georgia and began working as a production artist, silk screener and finally a quality assurance inspector for the Habersham Furniture Company in Toccoa, Georgia. Since leaving Habersham Richard has pursued his first love and begun to produce his own work including drawings, paintings, collages.
Among his greatest influences are Charles E. Burchfield, Paul Cezanne, Romare Beardon, Joan Miro, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Leonard Baskin, Frederick Franck, Egon Schiele, Robert Edmund Jones, Jo Mielziner, Howard Bay, Joe Stell, Larry Graham, and John Ezell.