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Robin J Mitchell

Robin J Mitchell

Robin paints daily life, things that inspire and excite. All the paintings are small, making it easier for people to buy and collect them. “Creating these small treasures brings great joy to my life.” Robin has won a Gemini Award for his work on the movie Nuremberg and has served on a Program Advisory Board at Sheridan College with the Dean of the Arts Program as well as the Dean of the College. A graduate from Sheridan College Illustration Program. Robin also teaches at the Oakville art Society and holds workshops at numerous other Art Organisations and Clubs in North America.



McMicheal Canadian Art Collection - People Choice Award Plein Air Competition 2013

McMicheal Canadian Art Collection - First Place Plein Air Competition 2013

Oakville Arts Council 2013 Visual Art Award Recipient

Gemini Award for Best Visual Effects for the movie NUREMBURG with Alec Baldwin, Christopher Plummer and Jill Hennessy.

The average cost for shipping to the USA and Canada is $18.00