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Robyn Jorde is a painter who draws on direct observation of her surroundings to create her artwork. It is "realistic" in the sense that she has spent time with her subjects, and has actual real experience with them. 

Robyn often chooses to give attention to subject matter that seems insignificant. She selects common sights such as suburban houses, signage, and the utilitarian infrastructure of the city. These things are part of our culture, reflect who we are, connect us to our history, and are worthy of close observation.

She has a related interest in how humans interact with nature: how they live with it and/or change it to fit their needs, and what those actions reveal about humanity.

Robyn works with many media and frequently uses several in a single piece of work. Using one medium on top of another calls attention to the layers built up in the creation of the artwork, evoking a sense of history the way geological strata or the layers of an archaeological site do. Her art is characterized by a subtle use of color, attention to design, and a quiet contemplative mood.

Represented in many private collections, Robyn Jorde has participated in exhibitions nationwide and won awards for both landscape and figure work.