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Serafica Fine Art

   I sign all my paintings once they dry.  This insures the integrety of the original painting and lets me get a signature I like. 

  There is a term in Buddhism called "Wu Wei" - the law of effortless effort. Similar to being in a flow state or in the zone. I try and distance myself from my expectations and let the creativity take over. I make the experience bigger than me. That's why I paint from life.

   I live in South San Antonio, TX.  I've been painting for a long time, since 2000. I also have a Studio Art Degree from The Florida State University.  Recently, I worked over 6 years in the oil field in west Texas. This is where my love for sunrises and sunsets developed. The bright colors and cloudy atmosphere in the west Texas sunsets are truly exhilarating. Even now I'm still in constant fascination with clouds, sunsets, and just ordinary scenes that catch my eye. Still life is also an interest of mine. There is an abstract quality to my work because that's how I choose to view things.