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Artist, Educator, Curator, Historian, Writer

You can find me at "Paint a Masterpiece" Blog, Classes and Facebook Page

I create colorful acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings exploring the interaction between nature, energy and light. I also create digital drawings not based on photography and 3D work, available on my website link. My hope is that my work will inspire the viewer to cherish and protect the beauty around us. Where possible, I use environmentally sound methods and choose lighter substrates to keep transport weight and shipping cost low.

I complete approximately 1 - 5 paintings a week depending on size. On Daily Paintworks my paintings are mostly small studies, but many inspire larger works for shows, exhibitions, commissions and galleries. My newest works show for a limited time at Daily Paintworks, prior to mounting and/or framing for my gallery. When on exhibition I usually put my paintings in the back room, so if a favorite is not on display or missing it's price, it may be on loan, at exhibition, or in the back room: so contact me to see if it is available for purchase. No two paintings are the same, but you can commission another in the same series if it is sold.


  1. PALS - Pet portraits from your favorite photographs.
  2. ACEO - 2.5" x 3.5" Miniature originals conforming to collector rules
  3. MINI - 4" x 4" Canvas Panel
  4. POSTCARD (OSWOA) - 4" x 6"
  5. MINIATURE - 6" x 6"
  6. EXHIBITION SIZE - 100 sq inch and over, approximately $0.60 per sq inch
  7. REQUEST - No size too large or too small. Something for your space and taste. Abstract - Floral - Landscape - Portrait - Seascape - or my version of a Famous Masterpiece.

Sea Dean