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Sharon Schock

Sharon Schock is a California based artist known for her bold, colorful urban landscapes. She practices the art of daily painting, meaning that she paints “alla prima” and completes one new painting every day. Painting this way keeps her paintings loose and lively.

Sharon has been painting for most of her life, she started using oils at age 6. While at Westmont College she experimented with other mediums, completing her senior project in digital painting. But after earning her B.A. in Fine Art in 2006 she returned to painting in oils once again. In 2018 she took up gouache, a type of opaque watercolor, and has found it to be a wonderful addition to her oil paintings.

Her chosen subject matter is a mix between landscapes and cityscapes, a little bit of everything. It’s really the light involved that draws her to a subject. When she paints she wants the result to be clear and present. Instead of striving to make a copy of what she sees, she wants to simplify the whole in order to amplify the one thing that's best about it - the color, light or shape. She also wants her paintings to give a sense of structure and detail while still maintaining the character of the individual brushstrokes.

Sharon currently shows her work at:
Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara CA
Palm Loft Gallery, Carpinteria CA
Linden Studio, Carptineria CA