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For as long as I can remember, I've loved drawing, painting and creating things with my hands. Turning what I have in front of me into a drawn scene or in shades of color has always attracted me. And if I ended up being satisfied with the result, it added to the thrill that I already got out of the creative process.

My attempt to study art, attending half a year guest studies at the Art Center, University of Mainz, was undermined by many other interests I had in those days. I ran out of painting ideas, which irritated and made me question my deeper drive. I switched to study geography. And my resulting professional challenges led me to other countries, languages and cultural backgrounds. Occasional drawing and painting offered me a welcome balance.

Then family life came to the fore. I have three great children who now need their mom a little less.

Arriving in my 40s, the question arose whether the path I was taking is the right one. Whether something didn't spill on the way. Therefore in recent times, painting has become much more important for me again. Mostly self-taught with support of art courses and internet browsing, I pick up a pencil, brush and paint - and just go for it. And really, I have already learned a great deal by strolling around DPW!! It feels fabulous! Thank you, Carol and David, for your inspiring efforts!

Since I live in the far north of Germany, I  find most inspiration on the Baltic Sea, in the local nature and with the people in the German-Danish border region. In the future, however, I may also use photo material from other places where I have been in recent years.

I am member of the Kunst im Norden artist network.

See my website www.kunstpfiff.de

I hope you like my work. I am grateful for any comments. Thanks in advance.