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Steven Allen Boggs

Steve Boggs lives in Tennessee and studied at the Nashville School of Art. He has also attended classes under Gregg Kreutz, Michael Shane Neal, and Nelson Shanks. He has a masters degree from Cumberland University.

For over 30 years he has used classically inspired imagery in an attempt to hold on to a single moment in time. As much as possible he uses the light to pull you in and the composition to hold your focus. He considers the process of truly "seeing" the subject as important as the brushwork. If an artist feels a connection to what he is painting and is able to really look to the core of the subject the painting will have strength and meaning that goes beyond good brushwork. His hope is that someone will look closely at his paintings, enjoy the composition, and feel the warmth or chill that it conveys. If they do then he feels that he has succeeded. Over the years he has worked in watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and egg-tempera but now works almost exclusively in oil. Oil allows seeing an effect immediately. The paint is so versatile and has such a classic look that when a painting does come off it is strong enough to hold its own anywhere.

Steve is married with two grown children and is a longtime resident of Hendersonville, Tennessee.