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Steven Scheibe

Steven Scheibe's artworks physically embody things both seen and unseen.
  • Seen: Many of Steve's paintings simply celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of a thing, a place, or a moment.
  • Unseen: Other works by Steve gently amplify the voice of allegory he has discovered in nature's patterns. He says, "All that is visible is evidence of the invisible. Through art, I seek to make tangible the immeasurable realities of soul and spirit."
Steve expresses his discoveries of the seen and unseen in a variety of media -including music, drawing, watercolor and oil painting, stone lithography, dye-painting silk, and art glass. He has created large, suspended murals in dye-painted silk for public art. His sand-carved, mouth blown antique glass, and laminated glass artworks grace walls and windows of public spaces. His two-dimensional works are also included in many private, public, and museum collections.

Steve is inspired and motivated by seeing his ideas become tangible, completed art. And so he is challenged by the months or even years required to finish and install large-scale public artworks. To help maintain his confidence and joy, Steve is intentionally painting frequently, and working small. Working small helps him cultivate his craft, experiment with various media, be in the moment, complete something daily, and make his original artworks more affordable and accessible to many.

To see what Steve is currently discovering or creating, click on the "journal" tab at his website www.visibleinvisible.com.