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Stuart Roper

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Starting in early 2018, I will be offering various paintings in an auction style setting. DPW Auctions work differently, in that you can't be outbid in the last 5 seconds! (Something that drives me crazy in the format that eBay uses).
The auctions ends, only when there is a full 1 minute that passes since the last bid... so no nail biting and hitting your computer when someone outbids you in the final seconds of the auction. :)

I'll be making an announcement in early January with more details!

If you'd like to sign up for a "New Painting Alert", on my main website (link below), you'll get an email about the painting that's up for auction. We all get lots of emails, so I don't want to overload your inbox... if at anytime you choose, you can easily unsubscribe from the list. You can still find out information in my DPW Gallery and by clicking on the "What's New" or "Auction" links on the main DPW menu www.dailypaintworks.com

Many thanks to everyone in advance!

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