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Sylvina Rollins

Sylvina (Sill-vine-ahh!)

   Sylvina Paints, draws, doodles, snaps photos, paints pet portraits, beautiful flowers,

landscapes and Cows. Oils are her primary medium, she enjoys watercolors

and more! Sylvina loves farmlife, horses, dogs, cats, cows, spralling landscapes,

gardens and flowers, you get the picture. Her Pet Portraits are amazing, from Corgis to

Siberian Mountain Cats. Her large Cow series and her recent self

illustrated BOOK ~ Luna A Tribute ~ have been exhibited in Museums and Galleries.

She loves bright colors and bold brush stokes.

Artists Dreama Tolle Perry, Beth Ellis and more have inlfluenced her

path. Enjoy Sylvina's paintings here and on facebook at Sylvina Rollins Artist, Sylvina Rollins

and instagram @sylvina_paints. and www.sylvinarollinsart.com