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Tahirih Goffic
​Hmmm...What do i say about me?! I'm an artist (obviously), lol, and a mom of two incredible children, and I'm married to the love of my life! My life is full of too many blessings to count, one of them being able to pursue my passion for painting. I believe the world is already filled with enough turmoil, and I also believe that to give something our energy, gives it power, so I choose to paint what I find beautiful. I like to paint almost everything. Some days, it's tomatoes, other days it's my children, and sometimes it's the way the sun is setting behind a cow! I love Daily Paintworks because the small format allows me to play and experiment with different styles and mediums without committing to a big canvas.
I love travelling, and curling up in my favourite chair with a good book, and I'll paint anything that reminds me of my favourite things...