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Taisia Kuklina
I grew up in the 3rd largest city in Siberia called Krasnoyarsk and is well renowned as a cultural and artistic center. I began my study of Art at age 11 when I entered an Art Preparatory School and by age 17 was accepted to The Architecture Academy where I received a solid grounding in traditional Russian drawing and painting with a strong emphasis on analysis, structure, and anatomy. I arrived in Madison in 2006 and continued my education with several established painters developing my personal style of contemporary realism. I have been strongly influenced by the work of Laura Robb and Richard Schmid, among others. Combining the concepts and techniques of classical Russian oil painting and modern Western realism, I strive towards a unique organic synthesis working naturalistically, entirely wet on wet (alla prima). My aim is to capture a mood of muted harmony and enduring grace. I always paint from life, searching for honest and timeless beauty. While not reinventing abstraction, I consciously keep a balance between clarity and ambiguity on the painted surface. For the viewers, my goal is to continue finding beauty in everyday life and present it with appealingly authentically. For myself as an artist I feel my paintings should avoid a feeling of the artificial and represent honesty, passion, and truth.