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My style of painterly realism is the result of my long experience with painting more tightly, which does get dull after a while. The Daily Painting Movement has been a wonderful inspiration for me to work more spontaneously. I also look for inspiration in the work of many modern painters who combine realism with a strong emphasis on abstract design, such as Richard Diebenkorn, Fairfield Porter, Edwin Dickinson and Edward Hopper. I've been painting in oils for more than thirty years, getting my start in my high school's wonderful art department. I attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, studying painting with Sidney Goodman, Elizabeth Osborne, Arthur DeCosta, among many others, but learning almost as much from my fellow students. After finishing art school, I stayed in Philadelphia for another fifteen years. While there I completed a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania, taking classes mainly in art history, literature and poetry. Currently I live in the peaceful and pretty Pennsylvania town of Perkasie, with my son and daughter. I've had more part time jobs over the years than I can count- some agreeable and some not- but currently I'm painting full time. I teach drawing and painting workshops locally.