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Artist Statement:
I paint in several genres: Magic realism (a form of fantasy), plus realism studies such as figure and landscape. I also do whimsical fun art. Although conventional wisdom says one must paint very consistently, I do not, have not, cannot, and will not, and thus make no apologies for my multiplicity of genres and styles.

My magic realism and fun art paintings feature imaginary, dreamlike scenes of whimsical people, animals, and landscapes, and have a storybook quality to them. Symbols inspire me, because they compress complex ideas and philosophies into immediately accessible images. I love portraying the figure and seeing how many ways it can fit into a fantastic scene.

Concerning landscape, I have been wanting to paint the Big Bend, Texas area for quite some time, but lacked the confidence. Every year for many years, my husband and I have made a pilgrimage there. I feel a familiarity and a love for that vast, beautiful, desolate, and formidible place. I've finally taken the leap into painting it, and am very glad of it. For the time being I'm painting it from photos, but eventually may add plein aire into the mix.

Acrylic technique: I always use acrylic medium to thin the paint instead of water. This results in a beautiful, rich surface that is strong and archival.