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THE WHY: Artist/Cat Butler. I must sell my paintings in order to provide my cats a lifestyle in which they have been accustomed to.

THE WHO: I’m hearing impaired so I tend to self-isolate. My world is inside my head and I paint that world.

THE WHAT: That all depends. Lately landscapes. But cats are reliable subjects of which I never tire.

THE WHEN: Everyday. But always day. I seldom paint at night … eye strain

THE WHERE: Inside my home studio or outside on the patio

THE HOW: Oil in summer and acrylics in winter. Summer means overhead fan, which dries acrylics too fast and provides the ventilation you need with oils. Wintertime means a closed up house so acrylics is safer. So I guess the fan dictates my painting medium. I use heavy body acrylic or oil paint, palette knife, brushes, fingers, paws

THE PAST: I haven’t always painted. I used to write. Fiction, non-fiction, slice of life, short stories, true stories, novels. Something happened around 10 years ago, Something inside my head (the usual suspect) and I just didn’t like doing it anymore. I’m not sure I ever did. I thought I liked it. It wasn’t until I started painting that I realized my true calling. This is where I’m meant to be and where I will stay.

THE PRESENT: I’m too restless to stay in just one niche. I may be on a minimalist, limited palette kick for a while then move on to busy landscapes with lots of color. Sometimes I paint tonal, dark and moody then I’m off to paint florals. 

THE FUTURE: Famous Deaf artist sells invisible painting for a million dollars (a glimpse inside my head)