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wawan ms

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Hi, I am painter from Ciamis, a small town on Java Island Indonesia.
My interest at drawing and painting began in early childhood but started neglected during college. And after get bored worked behind computer as Mechanical Design Engineering in capital for more than 10 years , the joys and passion to paint come up and surrounding my life and made me decide to quit the job, go to my home town and become a full time painter on 2009 .As a self-taught painter, I like to explore and do some experiment with many kind of media such as; acrylic oil, sand, resin, pigment and digitalizeI'm not confined with one subject area, preferring varies project and media. For a small size of works mostly I use oil to expose texture , acrylic for bigger size to expose a melt from a aqueous media and sand for delicate a pencil point . I'm always looking for beauty and moods, caused my works is a tension between abstract and realist style and now tend to abstract with capturing simple object around home.2011-2013 held some exhibition for sand painting at some cities at west java. Started 2013 spread my works online (especially on etsy). More than hundreds works spread to buyer form America, Canada and Europe. Unfortunately the end of last year (2016) I got a problem with etsy and had to close my shopIts' interesting for me to know people guess what's in the pictures and raised a multi interpretations on my works. I believe, if I paint from my heart and passionate then people will feel and respond.