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Wendi (Vann) Johnson credits her parents, David and Sandi Vann, for building within her a love for art and all things beautiful throughout her childhood. Wendi's father was an art Student of the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and his love and knowledge of art along with his practice of interior design exposed her to art in many forms during her formative years.

As an adult, she was strongly encouraged by her husband Charles to pursue her interest in art and painting. She quickly fell in love with painting in oils and it remains her preferred medium. A hallmark of Wendi's paintings is to place in details that are only seen when a viewer approaches the painting for a closer look. Her goal is to reward the viewer with the joy of discovery, seeing something that otherwise would have been overlooked.

Wendi signs her paintings "Vann Johnson", her maiden and married names combined as a nod to her parents and husband for their roles in her development as a person and as an artist.