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Steven Thor Johanneson

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“Evening Glow” (Mount Bachelor...
Media:  Oil on Pannelli Telati fine Cotton Panel
Genre:  Landscape
Size: 9x12 in
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Visit the Artist's...

Visit the Artist's: Gallery | Blog | Website

Artist's Notes

Artist's Notes:

Back in 2009, at the end of May, I first encountered this view of Mount Bachelor from Elk Lake.  I hoped and waited for an evening glow, such as this, but it turned out to be a relatively colorless and grey Sunset.  Nevertheless, I made a Sepia wash drawing heightened with white on Turner’s blue-grey paper.  Over the years, periodically looking at that drawing, in conjunction with the uninspiring photographs taken at the time, I finally decided to paint the evening I had hoped for, all those years ago … that is why, for me, painting is so much more enjoyable than photography.  I get to create those moments, not only seen, but those hoped for. I did use the cloud formations, in the bland reference photos taken then, as a starting point, but the colour comes from years of experiencing evening skies, both through actual seeing and remembering, and of photos taken.  An aside here is that the above image looks perfect on my computer, is a bit too colorful on my tablet, and downright garish on my phone. So if you are thinking that you are looking at a caricature of an evening, I guarantee you that, although a colourful & bright painting, it is more natural than you might be looking at on whatever screen you have in front of you. This goes for any of the images of my paintings you might be viewing … past, present or future.  Pigments used: Imprimatura: Rublev’s Ercolano Red; Drawing: Schminke’s Caput Mortuum; Painting: W&N’s Cobalt & French Ultramarine Blues, Cadmiums Orange & Yellow Pale, and Cremnitz White; Gamblin’s Permanent Magenta; Rublev's Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, French Red Ochre; M. Graham’s Cobalt Teal. For more check out my blog at www.StevenThorJohanneson.blogspot.com


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