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Carol Marine

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Media:  oil
Genre:  Architecture
Size: 6x12 in
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Visit the Artist's: Gallery | Blog | Post | Facebook

Artist's Notes

Artist's Notes:

‚ÄčHello! This is a painting I did a couple of months ago. It's a scene I stumbled upon here in Eugene a while back. I loved the colors of the house. I meant to post it a few weeks ago, but kept putting it off.

Meanwhile, after a couple weeks of no painting at all (letting my fields lie fallow), I got a text from a friend who owns a gallery here in town. She suggested a small show next year. With new stuff. All larger than my normal work. At first I said no, but then I realized it would get me out of my rut. Give me motivation to paint the things I've been wanting to but have been too afraid.

Afraid of what? Failing. Isn't that what gets us all? Well, I guess I am only human.

The main thing I've been wanting to paint but haven't because of fear is...people. Not like portraits necessarily, but faces, up close. So I started with my son, as an experiment. I was terrified that it wouldn't look like him, but I think it really does. If you know him, please write and reassure me on this. I'll post a better picture later. It's 16x16 inches. See my blog for progress shots.

Auction Notes

Auction Notes:

This is an original work of art by Carol Marine. Oil on Gessoboard (by Ampersand).
The winner will receive this painting (allow 1-5 days for shipping) safely packaged and ready to frame. I recommend a simple floating frame. You can find these and others through any of these reputable sites: (from least to most expensive)

Franken Frames
Canvas Place
King of Frame
Metro Frame

If you plan to buy more than one painting and would like to save on shipping by putting more than one in a box, please email me: me@carolmarine.com.

***Please understand colors may vary slightly between the actual painting and the image on your screen due to my digital camera's results and your monitor.***


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