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The Copy Challenge
posted by Carol Marine on Saturday Jul 22, 2017
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Here's another tough one. This week I challenge you to choose an artist you admire and copy a painting of theirs. Then choose a similar subject (make sure you can visit, have a reference, or can create something similar before you choose what to copy) and do a second painting using what you learned doing the copy.

Both paintings can be any subject, and any medium.

I learned a TON from this. When you look at a painting, you think you can see how they did it, but you don't - not until you try to do it yourself! For example, I learned very quickly that there was no way Edgar Payne (the artist I copied) used flat brushes (my go to) to get his marks, so I had to experiment with other brushes (ended up using a round a lot). I also found that the colors he was using were much more harmonious to the scene, even though we were painting the same mountain range (Sierra Nevadas), and I was being very "truthful." Duh, this is what artistic liberty is all about, right?! You might be surprised at how much YOU'LL learn!! Try it.

Please tell us whose painting you copied, and what you learned. Have fun!

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The Daily Paintworks Challenge

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