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What are my Picks?

Your my Picks page is where you can collect and view your favorite art as you explore the over 185,000 paintings on Daily Paintworks.

You can pick the paintings you love anywhere on the site, view them here on your my Picks page, and then decide which ones you want to buy.

Or, you can simply collect art that you love to look at. It is completely up to you!

How do I Add a Pick?

It is easy to add artwork to your my Picks page.

Step 1. Sign in or register (it's free, quick, and easy), if you haven't already. Once signed in you can also leave comments on paintings and bid in our auctions.

Step 2. Hover over a painting thumbnail anywhere on the site and click the gold star that appears over the bottom-right of the artwork.

You can also click on the heart next to the painting's title in the popup that opens when you click on a thumbnail.

Step 2. Tap a painting thumbnail anywhere on the site to view the work larger and tap the outline of a heart that appears next to the title of the artwork.

How do I Remove a Pick?

Remove a pick just like when you added it or remove it here, on your my Picks page, by clicking the blue to the left of the artist's name.

Remove a pick just like you added it, however when you tap thumbnail to remove it, the heart will be filled in .

Can I rearrange my Picks?

Yes! Click the Rearrange my Picks button above your picks.

Then click and drag your picks into whatever order you would like.

When you are done, click on the Finish Rearranging button so you can return to clicking on the thumbnails to view the paintings larger.

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