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Anita Maxson

My intention as an artist is to capture the innate beauty that surrounds us. I've always been an artist, and I am a graduate of Colorado State University's Fine Arts program. but my pursuit was segued by marriage, child-raising and other daily life tasks. My children are now grown and I have time on my hands to get back into what I love to do most.
I am attracted to scenes that show the "soul" of the subject, whether it is Mother Nature or the creatures that share our planet. I strive to add a bit of light, or energy essence to the subject and the use of pastels lends itself to that end. Pastels are the purest form of pigment and because of their nature (crystals of color embedded in gum Arabic), the colors reflect light and serve to capture that "energy light" that emanates from everything. As I build my portfolio, I hope to engage the viewer, whether or not they intend to buy, by continuously improving and adding everything I learn into my art. If the viewer is engaged, then I have accomplished my goal.