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Crisynda Buss

Hi, I'm Crisynda (I like it that my mother created my name). Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.

My world is and has been filled with many interests and passions. Some of them are traveling to see how others live, homemaking to provide a comfortable and delightful nest for my family, gardening to watch new life being created which seems like a miracle each time, a career in nursing that immensely enriched my soul and humbled me, volleyball to feel powerful and laugh at myself and sailing to feel free. I cherish my family and friends who bring me the greatest reason to love, laugh and learn. All of these experiences I now want to infuse into my paintings. In 2014, I left my nursing career behind to more fully embrace painting regularly and to slow life down some.

A good portion of every day now is invested in art with the expectation that I will make more works that show my growth and that surprise me. My first love was watercolor, but after a long time I began working with new mediums and approaches to painting.  I try to limit my palette with each painting so there is a little of each color in almost everything.  Then this particular family of colors doesn't argue but rather are cohesive (love each other) in some way or another.   I would enjoy an ever growing audience of fellow humans who find my work interesting, thought provoking and valuable to them.

You are invited to share what moves you about my paintings. Leaving a comment educates and delights me. And of course, you can contact me to have a painting of your own.


I reserve the copyrights to all sold, donated and gifted works of mine. I occasionally sell prints of some of my work when the original is sold. Just email me at crisynda@live.com