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Katya Minkina

I am a full-time artist, working mostly in oil. I have recently moved to Boise area in Idaho and have yet a lot to discover in my new home! 

Looks like I never stay too long in one place. My life before embraced several other special places with which I will always keep a strong bond. Moscow where I was born and raised. Hyderabad (India) where I spent the early years of my adulthood. Seattle, a point of big transitions and Hana, Maui - a truly special soul-nourishing corner of the world in the middle of the Pacific where time stood still.
I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1981. Growing up among my mom's paintings, art books and inexhaustible stack of typewriter paper, I thought drawing was the most natural way of being. At the age of 7, I got enrolled into an evening art school for children where, after a regular day in my other school, I was initiated in the fundamentals of drawing, painting and composition. For the next 9 years my life revolved around methodical still life painting in class, field trips to art museums and the zoo, art history lectures and painting homework that filled my weekends and summer holidays. 

In later years after completing my studies in linguistics and foreign languages, I settled in Hyderabad, India, where for five years I taught French in an international school. Painting and drawing took a back-seat, but the longing never quite went away. In 2008, life took me to Seattle, WA and the circumstances arranged themselves perfectly for me to return to drawing and painting. I discovered life drawing at Gage Academy of Art, and the open studio provided me with a much-needed practice to reanimate and hone my drawing skills. In the course of the next few years, I stuck to the disciplined schedule of a studio monitor to be able to attend as many figure drawing sessions as I could. Slowly, drawing yielded a transition to painting.

I remain fascinated with my primary source of inspiration, which is figurative art; capturing humans and animals is what really challenges and intrigues me.