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Olga Wagner, is a North Carolina based artist whose work is held in private collections all over the world. She attributes her talent and exposure to different mediums to her parents, Jan and Iraida, who early on instilled in her love for classical art. Before settling in the United States in 1986, Olga's family lived in many countries where classical art was highly treasured and promoted, including Russia, Poland, and Germany.

After marrying, she graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an Electrical Engineering degree and entered the corporate world of Software Development, with the last 12 years spent working in the field of Telecommunications.  It was not until 6 years ago, while dealing with a mild depression over the loss of her most beloved cat, Mr. Biggelsworth, that she finally made the time to seriously pursue her artistic endeavors.

As an animal lover and longtime supporter of various local animal rescues, Olga Wagner combines her love of animals and love of art to create contemporary animal paintings that are engaging in nature.  She breaks away from traditional portraits with the use of off-center compositions, palette knife textures and bold color combinations.  Through the use of exaggerated light and color, loose and repetitive brush strokes and increased contrast, she creates an energy and joyful experience for the viewer.

Olga resides in Durham, NC where she shares her life and love for art with her husband, Scott , and their 6 cats: Nacho, Nash, Jaws, Pugsley, Miso and Fathead.