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Just 4 years ago, I retired after 36 years as a retail buyer. My husband and I have dreamed of extensive travel since the day we met. Somehow, I reached the finish line first. With new time on my hands, I decided to finally take that painting class I daydreamed about since I had taken one of those "paint and sip" classes.  As I pushed a swath of paint across the canvas for the first time, my heart sang and my soul said, "YES, this is what you want to do."

My first oil painting class was on April 1, 2015 with a very talented artist and teacher, Alice O'Leary, at the Craft Guild of Dallas. Alice unleashed the artist I never knew existed. As with all new things I take on, I pursued it with a passion. After the second class, I began to paint at home. Soon my inventory was growing, my supplies were expanding and there needed to be an outlet for the more than 100 paintings completed in my first 5 months. So, here I am, hoping to thrill you with fun, bright paintings to cheer your home and your day.