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Sachi Yoshimoto is a Tokyo based self-taught artist who works mainly in oil medium. She loves the warmth that the medium gives to her work. 

Artistically inclined from a young age, Sachi has worked diligently to bring her art to life. In 2013, after years of amateur work, Sachi decided to pursue her art wholeheartedly. 

Sachi’s style of work is “true-to-life,” focusing on the breath she finds in organic and inorganic objects. Her vision is to bring life into the objects she’s attracted to in everyday life. 

Apart from regular art commissions, Sachi often donates certain pieces and commission profits to animal charities she loves.

Like her art, Sachi continues to evolve and improve. Her ultimate aim is to have her artistic journey make everyone's life a little brighter.


*All of my 5x7" and 8x10" paintings are beautifully framed and ready to hang or display!

*The price is including framing and shipping fee worldwide!! Did you know it only will take 5 to 8 days from Japan to the US?

*If you’re interested in a custom made commissioned painting, please email me or check on my website for the price list. Thank you!