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Valerie Lazareva

My name is Valerie and I am a self taught artist.

♥ I live in a small country in Ukraine. Five years ago I moved from town to a village in the mountains. I'm an introvert so I feel great in unity with nature. I love Forest and Silence, Sky and Birds, Animals and Flowers, Rainbow, Light and ART! 
♥ A little about my work:
All my work (with rare exception)) are made from nature. I chose impressionism because it as «an explosion of emotion» and «feelings from the other side», respectively, in this direction, I develop my creativity. I prefer all the tools -- used palette knife. As is well known artists distinguish more shades of color, as always in the process of contemplation. You may be hard to believe, but all the colors that I use in the work I do see on a subject that depict, but mostly pale shades. I deliberately exaggerating the color that you would have been able to see what I see, I see what an incredible number of colors in world around us !!! Welcome to my world!!! 
♥ My paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Germany, Canada, USA and geography is expanding. 
♥ From the interview DPW you will find out more about me.

With l♥ve