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Carol Marine has been selling her paintings online since 2006. She wasn't completely happy with what was available for showing and selling her art and so she asked her husband, David, who is a programmer, to build exactly what she wanted. It was the beginning of Daily Paintworks.

Daily Paintworks is an easy to use and feature rich platform for showing and selling your natural media fine art online.
Here is what your membership gives you:
Your Own Website
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Customizable Themes
  • Flexible eCommerce
  • Credit, Debit Card & PayPal Checkout & Auctions
  • Link to eBay, Etsy, & More
  • Low Cost Custom Domains
  • Free SSL
  • Promote Events & Workshops
  • Sell Books, Cards, Prints, etc.
No Limits!
  • Unlimited Art
  • Unlimited Art Categories
  • Unlimited Events/Workshops
  • Unlimited Store Items
  • Unlimited Prints
Portfolio Manager
  • Track Your Art, Sales, & Buyers
  • View Your Traffic Analytics
  • Reports for Tracking & Taxes
  • Be Seen Daily by Thousands
  • On Our Front Page
  • In our Daily Newsletter
Marketing Emails
  • Art Alert/Newsletter Emails
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Easy & Inexpensive
  • No fixed costs or fees
  • Pay Only for Emails Sent
One Low Price
  • Only $12.95 per Month
  • One Price for Unlimited Art
  • No Complicated Multi-level Pricing
  • No Increase in the Last 10 yrs
  • No Sales Commissions*
  • *Only 3% for Auctions
  • None for Any Other Sales
  • Prompt Ticket-based Support
  • Frequent New Features
Common Questions
What kind of art can I post?
Our niche is Natural Media Original Fine Art that is primarily intended to be displayed on a wall. Unlike with many art websites, our buyers know the art they are looking at are not reproductions.

Because of this, the art you post to your DPW Gallery website's gallery page, which will also appear on the DPW website itself (What's New, Search, and Auction pages), needs to comply with our posting policy.
Can I also post prints, books, cards, calendars, etc?
Yes! You can post any items, which are not your natural media fine art, on print pages and store item pages you can add to your DPW Gallery website. You can even add event pages to advertise classes, workshops, and more!

Unlike your natural media art, items on these pages only appear in your DPW Gallery website and not on the DPW website itself.
How am I charged for my membership?
If you chose to continue your membership after your free trial, DPW will automatically bill you directly from either your credit/debit card or PayPal account, depending on how you set up payment, on the same day each month that you joined.
Do I have to post paintings daily?
The more frequently you post, the more exposure you receive, however, how often you post work is completely up to you.
Do I need a blog?
A blog is entirely optional. In fact, these days, blogs are mostly being replaced by social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Do I need a website?
When you join DPW, you get your very own DPW Gallery Website, which is highly customizable. No other website is necessary. You can even use your own custom domain name with your DPW Gallery Website and we will install a free SSL certificate for you.
How do buyers pay me?
There are many ways to sell through your DPW Gallery Website. You can add links to an eBay or Etsy page, for example, or you can sell through our DPW Auctions or through a DPW generated Buy Now Link. When selling through an auction or a Buy Now Link, the money goes directly and immediately into either your Stripe account, for direct card payments, or your PayPal account.
  • "Daily Paintworks is easy to use and always being improved upon with new bells and whistles. If there ever is a problem, customer service is quick and thorough. I highly recommend this online gallery experience to anyone looking to get their work out there. Thank you, DPW!"
  • "I love Daily Paintworks! Many people don’t realize that it's a great inventory tool, with corresponding photos of each work, AND it's a selling tool! All for an unbelievable price. I can post all my work, even paintings I have in physical galleries, and track all sales. At the end of the year, taxes are a breeze with the reports you can print out. And if I ever have problems, the support staff is incredibly responsive."
  • "Daily Paintworks has been an excellent resource, and promotional base for my work! My DPW Gallery back-end makes it easy to link artwork to my Etsy shop, track sales and add client details. My DPW Gallery Website lets me communicate with patrons and artists via comments, and I can rearrange my art in categories for easier perusing, and list art festivals where I’ll be exhibiting. Daily Paintworks is a one stop shop for artists looking to get more exposure for their work."
  • "One of the things I find most valuable about Daily PaintWorks is my DPW Gallery Website. I have painted many — and I mean many—paintings and my DPW Website is the most inclusive, visual record of my work. It is the one place online that I can refer people to, for them to get a good, overall viewing of my work and witness my creative arc as a painter.
  • "Daily Paintworks gives you a beautiful fine art website. I send people to my DPW "gallery page" when they ask what I have available. And their customer service is excellent! I LOVE how easy it is to search art and I regularly use the DPW Art Tracking Grid to reference what work I have available and what work is sold... it's FAR more organized than my computer!"
Customize Your Website
Your art is unique and your DPW Gallery Website should be as well! With many customizable themes available, you can make your DPW Gallery Website reflect your individual stye. And, you can easily experiment with your Gallery's theme with over 50 fonts, endless colors, and varied layouts and then publish it when you are ready.

(click screenshots to view larger)

Track Your Art & Sales
Behind your DPW Gallery Website is a powerful and integrated Portfolio Manager that lets you easily keep your website up-to-date and lets you track and manage your art, your traffic, and your sales. Art Tracking Grid, Sales Reports for taxes, and Analytics for Traffic.

(click screenshots to view larger)

Art Tracking Grid
Sales Report
Analytics Dashboard
Artwork Analytics
Try One Month Free

 Monthly Billing

If you choose to continue your membership after your free trial, you will need either a Credit or Debit Card or a PayPal account so we can bill you for the monthly membership fee of US $12.95.

If you pay with your PayPal account, a 55¢ transaction fee will be added to your monthly membership fee for a total of US $13.50. You can pay instead with your Credit or Debit Card to avoid the fee.

 Our Posting Policy

  • Your Art - the work has been created by you
  • Just You - you must be an individual and not a group or gallery
  • Original - it is original art and not reproductions or copies of another's work
  • Natural Media - it is done in natural media
  • Not Offensive - it would not be considered offensive to a reasonably minded person
  • 2D - it is primarily 2 dimensional

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