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Who We Are

We are a Small Family-run Business

  • Carol Marine

    Carol is our resident-artist, long-time dedicated daily painter, and workshop teacher. She is our enthusiastic evangelizer and spokesperson.

  • David Marine

    David is our entire development department. He has built and continues to build and improve Daily Paintworks. He considers himself a Daily Programmer. BTW, that is an authentic russian wolf fur cossack hat and not an afro. David wishes he still had that much hair!

  • Maddie Marine

    Maddie is our always sweet and helpful support and marketing manager. Ask a question or for help by clicking here. She also invites and interviews our Spotlight Giveaway artists.

What We Are

We are all about Art!

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In Daily Paintworks you can easily Explore, Find, and Buy the beautiful art you love.

We make it easy for you to search through our over 249,000 paintings. And with over 1,600 artists and 200 new paintings every day, there is always something new to discover.

We are also about Art Tutorials!

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We sell ArtBytes - Affordable Byte-sized Fine Art Tutorials. Take a look at our growing selection of online tutorials in our ArtByte Store or read more about what an ArtByte is here.

Common Questions

How do I Buy art on DPW?

It's easy!

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Step 1 - Explore!

Find the art you love by browsing the What's New page to see the art added that day, the Search page to search through all our art, or the Featured page to take a look at the art of our Featured Artists.

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Step 2 - View and Buy

Click on a painting thumbnail to view it larger. In the pop-up that opens, you can click a link to buy the painting, if it is available.

Do I need to be a Member to buy Art?

No! If you want to bid in our DPW Auctions, you do need to register, however it is free, quick, and easy. Otherwise, there is no need to be a member or even register.

How do I Pay for my Art?

Each artist can choose to sell their work in many different ways - through a Buy it Now link, a DPW Auction, an eBay Auction, Etsy, their blog or website, or through email.

When you buy a painting, the purchase is directly between you and the artist and, in almost all cases, it is through PayPal and so is completely safe.

What is the Return Policy?

The return policy is up to each artist, all of whom are excited about showing and selling their work on DPW and are committed to making their buyers happy. However, in the unlikely case of any issues or misunderstandings, both DPW and PayPal are dedicated to work with the buyer and the artist to resolve them.

What is the Daily Email?

The DPW Daily Email contains the same paintings as are in the What's New page and is a great way to keep up with the beautiful art our members post everyday. You can subscribe to the email in the upper-right of the website and unsubscribe any time you wish by following the instructions in the email. No worries - we hate spam as much as you do and will never share your email address!

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