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Lauren Kuhn

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‚ÄčAs a self-taught artist, I recently took the leap from a full-time 'conventional' job in graphic design to focus
on more important roles in my life: being a more involved mother to my three young boys and a more
productive full-time independent artist. I have a home studio in Emmaus, PA, where I paint commissioned oil paintings from photographs sent by clients by e-mail (to pay the bills) and where I paint large-scale paintings of whatever-it-is-I-want-to-paint (to pay the soul). I teach twice-monthly classes (of the sip-n-paint variety) at Roey's Paintbox in Allentown, PA, create personalized nursery decor through Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture boutique of Allentown, and occasionally seek out art show opportunities and painting competitions in my area. In lieu of traditional portraiture, I prefer instead to capture moments -- fleeting moments -- with the goal of putting memories into paint. Thanks for your interest in my work, and please contact me if you have any questions!